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  1. this is pretty hilarious! I'm pretty sure I've done most of these before esbecially the reward her good behaviour with radio silence thing. The fact that she approached you and basically closed you in the beginning was fascinating. You really had something good there and then messed it up. I wouldn't feel sorry for her or worry about her cheating. I'd probably stop seeing her all together and try to get into healthier relationships with new girls. since this one is obviously making you unhappy.
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    Woah! you are starting an art business? that's so cool. We have two artists (myself included) as far as I know in the group. 4 or 5 women sounds like a lot of time commitment unless they're really hot, then they might not respond that much
  3. Man that's awesome! I love that bit about motivational speaking to her vagina!
  4. Nice FR! I like the table of contents you have in the beginning! I think it would be nice if you wrote more of the conversations you had verbatim than how/where you bounced her. It's kind of hard to picture what kind of frames was in play. I'm really guilty of this when I write up my own FRs. It seems to me though that you probably should've screened harder in the beginning because she just seems like she isn't that interested in sex? I can't see anything you did that was really wrong. That's why I think the issue is with the girl rather than your game but maybe other experiences guys can chime in.
  5. Wait... you buddy tried you stop you because she is hot or because she isn't? hahaha
  6. Bangkok: (summary) I met BritishThai in La Belle - one of the upscale whore houses. She dated a British guy for four years before and spoke great English and her personality was so good compared to the average Thai girl that I decided to game her instead of just banging away my 90 minutes. I qualified her by asking about her cooking, how many languages she speaks (Japanese and English), and her sense of humor. We had so much fun talking that only a quarter of the time was actual sex. We ended up hanging out afterwards for the remainder of my time in Bangkok. She drove me around the city, took me to good food/massage, and we banged more times in my hotel for free. I guess I saw her as more of a girl than a whore and she saw me as someone worthy of receiving freebies. At the end of my Bangkok trip, I invited her to come to Osaka from Seoul (she is going to visit her sister). The ticket costs $165 for roundtrip. Osaka: I picked her up at the Airport. My memory of her in Bangkok was that she had great beautiful hair with curls and always a tasteful semi-revealing dress. When I saw her in the airport, my first thought was that I flew a country-girl to see me. The quality of her clothing and her makeup isn't as good as the Japanese. I didn't get that "I'm walking around with a hot girl feeling" when I had her in my arms. On the train home, she took out a nail file and was trying to file one of her nails and I had to tell her to stop because people don't file their nails on the train. I took her to the cheap sushi place on Europa-dori that night and she really impressed me with her Japanese skills. It wasn't as good as mine but it was enough to be able to enjoy Japanese food while having fun. I decided to make the evening romantic and test out some date ideas that I've never tried before. So I took her to the observatory floor on the tallest building in Osaka. The city lights was really romantic and at that time of the night we had the whole place to ourselves. A little pricy for the tickets but really good atmosphere and perfect for some deep comfort. After the observatory, I took her home while walking the last leg of the journey. I showed her the Dotonburi and we got the obligatory tourist photos and then I took her to the cheap department store "Don Quixote" where she bought some Japanese make up and contact lenses. When we got home she bathed me and we took our time escalating towards sex. The atmosphere is really sweet and romantic and it did not feel like this girl was a whore at all. After all, that life of hers is in Thailand and she is in Osaka with me without any explicit payment from my end. The sex was really good, and her blowjob was amazing (high praise coming from me). While I was fine with it this first night, I'll come to learn that this vanilla type of sex is what she really likes and pushing sexual boundaries is the only part that takes real effort with this girl. Osaka day 2: The next day I took her to Kyoto to visit the Fushimi Inari Shrine. With Japanese contact lenses and makeup on, she looked a lot hotter. All she is missing is some high heels and I would be a really happy man. This girl is really nice to actually hang out with, she doesn't complain about stuff, and just seems generally chill. Taking photos wasn't a chore because she is fine after we have a few photos. I took her back to Osaka for dinner in Umeda and then it's on to Tobita Shinchi - the red light district with her. I was really curious what her reactions would be esbecially since she is actually a whore. Would I trigger sexy feelings, or ASD, or some strange reaction? Walking to Tobita by foot with her was extremely fascinating, all the guys would make eye contact with her and then hurriedly look away. It's like I'm intruding in their after work past time by bring a girl there. When we got to Tobita proper, the Mama-sans would call out to me as I walk into their field of view but then it would be immediately cut short because they notice a girl on my arms. I'm not quite sure how they interpreted my girl and I but it wasn't a warm reaction. Maybe they thought she was a hooker? I noticed that the girls actually avoided eye contact and was all not smiling. BritishThai on the other hand was really excited and really fascinated. She asked all sorts of questions about how it works and she told me that she feels much better about her job after seeing Tobita. Her main job is as a hostess in a Japanese lounge in Bangkok and she has the choice of saying No to the guy. No matter how meaningless that choice is, I guess it makes her feel a lot better about herself. I didn't really point out that she also worked in a whore house where guys just call out her Number and bang her. I was going into this experience thinking that she might be uncomfortable or not able to mentally handle it but it seems like the opposite is true. Girls who work in the night are not mentally phased by seeing the night life, this is their world after all. When I took her home, we stopped at the convenience store to pick up some gloves. She washed my dishes, cleaned my sink, and cleaned my house while I worked for an hour at my job. This was one of the absolute best part of her - she wears a sexy tank top and panties and then does a really impressive job cleaning my house. The sex afterwards was a bit less vanilla. We played with my toys, and I tried to do the welcome method on her. I wanted to play with her ass but she said she had tried it before but didn't have a really good experience with fingers in her ass. The problem is that she had sex so many times before that she doesn't have good frames about trying new things. She tried many of things before but it's all guys who treat her body as some knobs and levers to tweak to get her to cum faster. When I talk with her in bed about her attitudes towards sex, she does have two good frames: 1. She really enjoys sex (pretty vanilla) with people she is in "love" with. She thinks good sex is a must-have for a good relationship. 2. She really believes in mutual pleasure and is really good at communicating about what she finds enjoyable. Osaka day 3: This day we woke up and had some morning sex and then I took her to 3 fancy coffeeshops in Kitahama. Good coffee, really instagram worthy desserts, and it was also a way to test new D2 material. The conclusion is that it's great for D3 because of poor bounce logistics. I asked her about her past dating history. So she met this British guy, Chris, 5 years ago and dating him for 4 years. Chris was not fashionable, and while his friends trolled the nightclub approaching girls, Chris stayed at his table all night long. BritishThai that day wasn't well dressed and looked really plain and so Chris approached this really plain girl and told her he liked her because she didn't wear makeup. From what it sounds like, Chris was a really big AFC. He rewards her when she doesn't try to look pretty, and enjoys hanging out and watching movies. He was also super cheap or at least complained about the prices of things in front of her. What he did do is to bring her english to fluent level and install western ideals into her. Basically because of him, she feels guilt and shame about her job. Chris also didn't like to have sex with her. Since day 1. This was apparently her biggest complaint about Chris - she had to masterbate to satisfy her needs. I'm of the opinion that Chris is a closet homosexual and liked lady boys. Why else is he in Thailand... I cooked dinner for her at night and because of the conversations during the day, I finally manage to set a new frame about sex. That it's good to be curious and it's a shared adventure. I got her to show me how she play with herself with a toy and talk a lot dirtier. The sex was better than any other nights and we were both spent afterwards. I did want to creampie her at least once but she told me we had to go get health check together before she is willing to let me creampie her. Things to look forward to I guess. After sex she became really vulnerable to me and told me stories about her home life. She has a deadbeat brother who just drinks beer and wanks off in the toilet, and does drugs when he can afford it. He is living at her place with her mother. She is worried about her future, and the future of her family. Her friends all have no plans, they just work in hostess bars and stuff but as youth runs out they have no skills to fall back on. The cynical part of me thinks this is just her game, pity stories so I feel like providing for her. tl;dr: - Bringing a girl to Japan is a fairly expensive affair even if you keep costs low. Train tickets/food/activities adds up alot quicker in Japan than in Thailand or Korea - Spending time with a whore without actively paying her is the same as spending time with a normal girl. You have to work and it's not sexy times all day long. However, she isn't nearly as damaged as I thought she'd be. Overall, really normal. - I almost feel like home-advantage is not as good as it seems. Going to a girl might be a lot better than bringing a girl to you. At her home town, she has already seen the sights, and tried the specialities, you can just laze around and bang.
  7. We had so many sets that I thought it'd be too long to mention any of them individually. So I just wrote about the sets where I had some realization or insight. Hahaha, but for those wondering, RPQ opened a 3 set while we were waiting at the ramen restaurant. When we got called in, we realized that our table had more than enough space to seat everybody. So after some convincing, the 3 set joined us for our 6am ramen. During breakfast, RPQ kino-ed his girl by rubbing her belly, playing with her hair, touching her face etc, and showed us just how much kino is possible during day time and in front of her friends. Although in hindsight, this is after a night of clubbing and drinking, and it was probably a bit too much kino than what you can get away with in daygame. Nevertheless, it was significantly more than I'd imagined possible. good times!
  8. Friday night: (with Scenario) RPQ started us with personal questions - Deep soul searching ones you'd expect at the beginning of a tony robins experience™. We explored exactly what we wanted out of pick up and expected of ourselves. I've done this sort of exercises more than once before, and while a small part of me wondered about the value of this, it was fairly easy to let it go and just enjoy the experience. RPQ is an engaging speaker and listening to Scenario's answer was also enlightening. This exercise turned out to be immensely useful, which I'll get to in a bit. After some more theory talk, we grabbed some food and watched two insanely hot Osaka girls waltz into our restaurant. Pink and White were decked out - long legs with stockings, high heels, hugely fake nails and dyed hair. You can tell why I love this city so much. I think it was here where I got over-eager, before RPQ finished his intended lectures, we were off to street approaches. In hindsight, our first set was about as perfect of a set as a man can ask for. A 16 year old and an 18 year old, insanely hot (RPQ has picture proof), blond hair with perfect skin and heavy makeup. For those of you who is misfortunate enough to have never been in Osaka, a little bit of explanation is due: Osaka trailer-trash hot chicks have dyed hair, crazy nails, crazy make up, and slutty costumes. They also have huuuuge bitch shields. But in this case, since the girls were so young, no bitch shield existed. Hot girls who is as friendly as normal girls, what else could a man ask for? Scenario and I manage to talk these two girls into eating cake with us, but decided to eject in favor of doing more approach, I still feel the regret from that decision today. We went thru a few more sets, every single set was keen thanks to RPQ's guidance, only that at the time, I didn't even recognize what keen was. Only much later did I realize that as long as the girl is still talking to you, she is still keen. ~~~~ In da club Landed in a club after taking a short break (hehehe). Chival was a classy sort of joint, not too loud and with a small dance floor. The setup is designed to get people to interact and talk more with each other. The girls were anywhere from plain to cute. While waiting for RPQ to arrive, I tried opening the only super hot girl in the club, I went from the wrong angle, spoke with the wrong volume, said the least interesting thing, and I got nothing but iciness as a response. This was a clear measurement of where I was - no game at all. Throughout the night, I was introduced to one concept after another, until finally some measurable improvements can be seen. I wasn't closing hot chicks left and right, but I knew the basics which if practiced until mastery, I could conquer the sexy ice queens I so desire. Making mistakes together with Scenario was a blast. When the sun came up, we found ourselves in a ramen shop. It really was a great feeling - like having done some amazingly fun team sport and then chowing down some greasy carbohydrates, that's the life. Saturday day time: Scenario left for Thailand after some more lectures. I was alone and it was time to seriously do day game. The first girl I approached was another Osakan trailer-trash hottie. I opened her while walking and she gave one worded responses until she disappeared into a convenient store. RPQ asked me if I liked her, which I did, she had beautiful lips and long perfectly blond hair. So he told me that as long as she responded, it meant I still have a chance. When she came out of the convenient store, I opened her again - lo and behold, after plowing for a minute or two, she is laughing and responding to me like a friendly person. This, more than anything else, is the most valuable lesson I learned during the day game: initial reactions don't matter, any response is a good sign, and don't ever give up so early. Even now, I still can't hold to these thoughts consistently, but my mind isn't holding on to some delusion that girls will always respond perfectly to me. One of the highlight of the day was this really hot girl and her friend. She had the most beautiful face, the kind men go to war, make cheesy poetry, or immortalize in art. I could fall in love with that face. Normally, I'd never be able to approach her, but a whole afternoon of approaching greased the mental groove, I saw her and I went for it. The set didn't go too well, but I line-closed and time bridged. Ultimately, she never responded back to me on Line, but this kind of improvement after 1 day is already to be thankful for. The bootcamp couldn't actually give me a highly polished skillset in 3 days, and never should I expect it to. The real take away is having seen plenty of examples and knowing the fundamental direction to go. No one would expect to go to a classical music workshop and come away a violin virtuoso, and women is not so different from violins after all. Saturday night: For the second club night we went to Wax. It was loud, grungy, and much more of a shit hole than the club we went to the day before. However, hot girls were aplenty. RPQ got me to approach set after set, and both the mental and the physical fatigue was getting to me. My sets started getting worse and worse. It wasn't an easy night, nor was it a comfortable night. At the end of the night, RPQ showed exactly why he is the teacher. He opened a girl by himself, handled all her friends's obstacles, and closed her. He couldn't bounce her for various logistics problems, but I think had he been able to stay in Osaka, he would've eventually banged her. I felt good seeing this unfold, it's good to know that there's a long road ahead - almost anything worth doing always is. Anything that comes too easily is artificial, shallow, and external. It's good to know that while pick-up is at the mercy of an uncountable number of factors, a skillset definitely exist in this chaos. Sunday: Sunday was about wrapping up, answering questions and a little bit of day game. We were all pretty exhausted by then, but the core concepts was starting to crystalize in my mind. Not only did I know the concepts of attraction, qualification, comfort and seduction, but I've seen it done and tried doing them over and over again. I know exactly how to qualify girls, which goes back to the personal questions I answered on Day 1, I simply ask them questions that I'm interested in knowing the answers for. As for how to do each step well and tie them all together, well, that's the long road ahead of me. The bootcamp really is stepping through a door, whether or not I'll really get good at pickup is ultimately still up to me, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Suggestions: Take the bootcamp with someone else if possible, 1 on 1 with RPQ is not as fun as when you have another student in the trenches with you. Try not to read and memorize the theory before the bootcamp, it's better to listen to each lecture and apply it rather than knowing all the answers. Finally, do the bootcamp in Osaka if possible, the girls here are amazingly hot and I'd be here to cheer you on. Special thanks to Mr. Right for helping out during the entire bootcamp. Donburi P.S. Pink and White from day 1 is still in my dreams, one day i'll find them and conquer them.
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