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Hey guys,


Welcome to the Master Mind.


You've found us either via attending the previous summit, you know someone we know, you're our friend or some other means (website, forum ect ect ect)


We are here to help each other.


The point of the MasterMind is to help each other in the following ways:


Setting and Achieving goals - start that business, pimp that cousin, gain freedom from the rat race.

Being realistic (sometimes you need to hear that you're idea or expectations are retarded - we all do)

Supporting each other through messed up or difficult times in regards to life/business (shit happens, help is good)

Being awesome - (i'll send you my picture if you need a reminder - kane)

Relocation - knowing what whats, hows and wtf's of living in Asia (it can be scary)

Networking/Job Referrals - we know people who know people who can get you some sort of job.


How do we do this?


Two ways:


1. Skype Master Mind


2. Master Mind Meet Up


The Skype MasterMind will be held every Monday Night from approx 9pm until 10pm, it will be hosted by various people.


Master Mind Meet Up will be held according to each leader in each city.


Why bother:


We have people from all walks of life who can offer all sorts of amazing advice.


We are all either working for someone or have started our own businesses in Asia, have experiences that we can share and ways we can help each other improve ourselves and our lives from women to money.


Regardless of what sort of business you wanna start or whatever problems you're having - we have someone that can give you relevant advice and help.


Moving countries?


It sucks to move to a new place and not know anyone to go out with, where to live, how to get a job and all of that.


Many of us have connections with various companies, clubs and important people, if you're here and active you can also benefit from this, give value and you get value.


In the next article i will talk about how to create and run a mastermind group.


Kane Vast

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