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Aegyo’s Approach Mastery Boot Camp FR in Seoul, July 2017


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I started my approach four years ago after reading “the Game” which is well known book about PUA community. Back in University, I got really frustrated after having relationship with girls. I learned that money, look and status are the key things in relationship with girls for long time, but they don’t seem to work when I dated with girls. I almost had given up relationship until I found out the game. I could understand what they said and was obsessed with their scientific approaches to solve relationship problems. I had been brain washed by mother that relationships come from luck since my childhood. As I studied pick up, I also realized that female traits are very different in some aspects but I tried to understand them from the men’s perspective. I tried my experiment in field and made sure Pick up strategy work. I was able to learn how they apply strategy from many video lectures but it did not work properly for me when I tried to emulate their approaches. I have been struggling with my sticking points for a long time because I could not find good instructor in Korea.

1st day in Itaewon.

On Friday I went to Itaewon and RPQ started his lecture. During his lecture I was not impressed because I experienced a few pickup training programs before. RPQ pointed out that I did not look much excited. I did not expect much and I was a little depressed at serial rejections from girls while I approached alone. When I started approach first time, I used more indirect openers and moved to direct openers. His openers seem to be located in the middle of the range from direct to indirect. After his lecture, I tried new approach style with new openers. I was able to hold sets without showing my clear intent and hook rate seemed to increase. He pointed out my bad habits of body language such as position, posture, facial expression and gestures. It was difficult to fix the habits quickly but I could realize that my sticking points mainly came from the body languages that I was not aware. It was valuable because I wasted too much time because of the habits. One of the reasons that I had these habits is I used tactics that I learned form simplepickup.com. Its style is aggressive and emphasizes moving forward while girls are smiling. Moreover, RSD videos taught me that I should show my intent early and clearly during the interaction. But when I showed my intent too early, girls usually rejected me, saying that they had a boyfriend. They justified their style because it makes me polarize but I suffered from too low success rate. RPQ’s style seems to be a bit more efficient. One of my other sticking points was I got out of the sets too early because I usually ran out of things to say. As I learned his structure I realized that my conversation was mixed up with routines but did not have any goal for logistics. I started asking qualification questions and I practiced to continues my conversation based on his structures. At the end of night game, I met a cute Chinese girls and her Korean friend who sat on stairs. I had conversation with them more than 15 minutes. The topic was about favorite foods and it comes from qualifications question “Do you cook?” It could make me transition to the topic smoothly. I also learned from simplepickup.com that I can transition to any topics during the interaction with girls but I lost the conversational path because of it. I could not close her phone number but I improved my approaches compared with starting points at that day.

2nd day at COEX Mall and Octagon

I went to COEX Mall because it rained. When I arrived there I realized that COEX mall is perfect place for day game during rainy day. I could easily find out attractive girls and their quantities also seem to be enough. The most favorite thing in COEX is that I can find standing and sitting girls easily at library and restaurants. The library looks brand new since COEX was renovated a few years ago.

RPQ started his lecture focusing on comfort and time bridge. He explained essential questions we have to ask for logistics. For example, we need to know their living location and situation and should ask where and who they live and whether they have curfew. We also have to check their working situation such as overtime work, shift schedule and days off. I learned that these are essential questions to do time bridge that would reduce flake rate. I invented three time bridges and practiced explaining them effectively. RPQ emphasized why I should use more animated gestures and intonation. Compared with American, Korean and Japanese do not use their facial expression too much and speak very monotonously. RPQ explained that it is the main reason that Japanese men are not good at women. And I realized why foreign girls responds better when I speak in English. His comparison with shopping host made me understand quickly why I should implement this scheme. I also understood why comedians use gestures and animated facial expressions too much. He also explained the difference between Korean and American jokes. While American prefers sarcastic jokes, Korean does slap stick jokes. His explanation makes it clear why I learned from RSD and simplepickup.com style pickup lines and jokes do not work properly in Korea. We should deliver jokes in more effective way after realizing the cultural difference. I could easily figure out what he means because I compared Yu Jae Suk, Korean famous comedian with Conan O’brien. He kept telling me that I do not have cutesy and I had to practice cutesy. When I approached girls, I usually stood too close to them. This habit also came from the simplepickup.com video training course. They emphasized we should stand close to girls as we move forward and hold eye contact. After the boot camp I could notice that many girls do not feel comfortable because I stand too close to them. He also taught me how to lead girls with body language and I should be more persistent without caring much about their reaction. In the end of day game, I talked to girls at Kakaofriends shop with an item that I found around me. And at the library square, I stopped a moving girl and gave her hive five after giving her BT spikes with more body language and cutesy.

For the night game of 2nd day, I met RPQ including several alumni in front of Octagon. We moved to coffee shop across the street and RPQ explained games that I can play with girls at night game or date. I learned how to set sexual frame through strawberry field game and how to play attraction game in sexual way. I did not understand at first but Smoove helped me to understand this and send me the links which explains this game.

When we went inside Octagon, RPQ taught me how to speak in loud environment. I should have used stomach muscle but vocal projection seems to be the hardest part at club. I had gone to Octagon a week before the boot camp but I could not approach girls because I was frozen at loud environment. However, I could approach quite often at the same place with a new opener and BT spikes. During the interactions I implemented a few qualification questions and I noticed that girls reacted much better than before. One of my sticking point was that I could not change my emotion easily to get in the state. In the end of night game at Octagon, I almost got in the state and felt no anxiety to approach girls. I realized that keeping approaching makes it easier to get in the state. I met three German girls and I told the cutest girl that “Ich liebe dich(I love you)”. As I used lipstick routine she pulled out her lipstick and painted my lips with this. Her friend borrowed her lipstick and wrote some words on my face with funny vibe. I suggested that she give me a kiss on my cheek with my body language. She used her fingers to mask her lips from kissing on my cheek but gave me a real kiss afterward. I realized that I can get more compliance after giving them values such as BT spikes. Girls are more open to Kino escalation at high energy environment.

3rd day at Gangnam street

I met RPQ including alumni in front of exit 10 of Gangnam station. We moved to Starbucks and RPQ taught me how to approach at Café. Before the boot camp I usually sat on the chair without any permission from them at café. This style also came from simplepickup.com because they emphasized not seeking permission. This style conveys confidence but shows lack of calibration and rudeness somehow. I suffered from many rejections that mainly came out of this style. After a few approach we moved to Marley coffee shop, I found an attractive foreign girl and talked to her. She was studying Korean but showed her interest when I knocked her table. I kept making conversation with qualification questions and found that she likes Naengmyun(Korean cold noodle) very much. I found commonality and I could be more excited to talk about Korean foods. In the end of the interaction she promised me to go on a date next day and exchanged numbers. After closing phone number we moved to the main street and I kept approaching moving sets. As I approached I asked several questions that I faced difficulties during day game. I could understand moving sets are far more difficult than standing sets and I should talk to a girl in the front of the group to stop them. It is a simple tip but I expect that it makes stopping easier. Moreover, he taught me how to deal with sets like daughter and mother. I should tell her mother that you must be her sister. When I approached a girl and her boyfriend came to us suddenly and I asked her whether he is her boyfriend or not. RPQ gave me a quick fix that I should ask her whether he is younger brother or not. It was also a simple tweak but I realized that I can set different frame with subtle choice of words.

During the final debrief RPQ taught me what to do after the boot camp. I should write down my routines for BT spikes, qualification and comport. He gave me several tips that I should prepare for the date. I also asked a question about his book “The first perfect date”. I was wondering why we’d better make an appointment at weekdays. He explained why and I realized some tactics are counter intuitive.

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Awesome write-up bro!


Sounds like you learned a lot on your bootcamp and you know exactly what areas you need to work on to keep improving moving forward.


Looking forward to seeing you in action!


(Love the handle, by the way haha).


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Aegyo! Excellent notes, and you have an amazing work ethic.


Come out with us often and see how we put it to use. I hope you'll learn to enjoy the game, relax, have fun and laugh while talking with girls!


By the way, I was a big fan of Simple Pickup as well. I watched a lot of their episodes from Project Go a long time ago. I didn't do game much in the West, but I imagine that Americans and Koreans respond very differently, hence the culture difference.


I had to unlearn a lot of bad habits. I'm still unlearning a lot of Western stuff these days, especially after taking the sex and text seminars!


Cheers and welcome to the group!




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