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I've recently started using productivity resources and I've been surprised at how effective they are.


All the ideas basically came from http://www.lifehack.org which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to become more productive.


The resources I've started using:


Keep Focused http://keepfocused.codeplex.com/ - A very simple Pomodoro Timer for windows. The Pomodoro technique is a technique for working 25 minutes on and 5 minutes off with a longer break every 100 minutes. I've found that when I get started working it's hard for me to stop and I have to force myself to take a break. I may try switching to another timer that lets you adjust the amount of time you work and are off, but this suits my needs so far and it keeps a record of what you spent the time working on.


[email protected] https://www.focusatwill.com/ - A really good music program for focusing on your work. I was really surprised at how well it helped me focus on the work I was doing and was often the reason I went over on my Pomodoro period. The free version lets you listen to a particular section for 1 hour (but there's no pause so it'll start over if you stop it), there's plenty of sections so you should have enough to last the day. You can also try the free trial. Also available for smartphones.


Evernote http://www.evernote.com - A really great notebook program that syncs across all your devices. I use it to record quick notes and other memos and can check it anywhere at anytime.


I'm still looking for a good scheduler/reminder type program where I can record my goals for the day and set up simple to-do lists that check up with me if I've done them. Will update this post when I find something I like.


Have a great program or system YOU use? Share it here so we can all benefit and exalt your genius!

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In my position at work im a director.  A lot of my work is about making others more productive, sometimes its hard to keep up with your team. 

I went back to paper and pen, I found that taking notes in meetings etc makes me listen, lets me record notes and actions, helps me capture ideas for later or followup.

I have been using https://bulletjournal.com/

Its a really nice method of keeping track of things off a computer and in a nice little notebook, I really enjoy the feeling of writing again and getting away from my computer, for anyone that is having sore eyes necks from to much computer time.

I am working on how to then archive my notes as PDF and then the next step move to taking notes on paper then scan > OCR > allow it to be searchable and actionable via computer.

I have also spent a lot of time on productivity with MS Outlook if any one is interested i can do a write-up sometime.

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