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I am a 32 American who has been in China for 6 years and has been gaming for 4 years. I am mostly self taught in game, learning from pirated books and videos from mystery, Sinn, LoveSystems, etc, and have never thought of paying money and actually learning from a master until now. Due to a chance introduction to Kane's wechat account by a friend, I slowly began to realize just how much I have to learn and just how bad I need to learn it. Previously I had done some bullshit self taught game with 8's and below with the occasional 9 or 10 due to luck. Approaching a 9 or 10 was out of the question because they are "bitches". Night game was "a waste of time", so on and so on. I love to think, and I also love to rationalize my way out of uncomfortable situations.


Day 1 Kane talked about the basics of game; value, comfort, attraction, and so on. Kane's system is essentially a modified version of mystery method (actually more of lovesystems) with some details for asian woman. The stages are Open, Attraction, Qualify, Comfort, Seduction. Values are leader of men, protector of love ones and pre-selection. Various aspects of these values were introduced and how to convey them. Kino was discussed as well as some basic routines. Another way of looking at the seduction process is basically a series of Kino steps ending in your bedroom! Another good point made by Kane was that women have sex based off of the feeling they have at the moment, and that they want a safe but thrilling ride, like a rollercoaster. I had never thought about it in that way before. I learned that Asians have sex to climb the social ladder and start relationships.


All of the theory was well and good, but the real wake up call (the redpill) was the field training. I'm not a total bluepill; I had approached girls before, but nothing like this. Kane is in a world of his own, and I've never been around someone with a frame like Kane's. For me the main take away from the first day was the frame. The first thing that struck me was how upfront he is about his sexuality and the game itself. Before this, I had always viewed it as something secret that needed to be hidden and done surreptitiously. Kane was openly admiring girls and commenting on them in a high sexual way. He openly talked about game, various targets, and pointed (something that I previously considered a no no). Kane explained that 1) no one cares, everyone is mainly in their own world, and 2) there is nothing wrong with going out and picking up girls (done intelligently). This frame was proven by the fact that no one in fact did care and nothing came out of it. In fact, this attitude serves as an opener, a constant "opening" state that you can use to open girls with your pure masculine sexual energy (if you smile or look at a girl and she does the same to you, you have essentially opened). Another thing that surprised me is just how many girls responded to me, and gave me their wechat. Also, how many girls were totally willing to be Kino'd instantly and aggressively. This was a real eye-opener. I had kino'd before, but nothing like this.


Night game was a continuation of this realization. Lots of heavy Kino in the club with no repercussions at all. Instant "hand of God" opener with a very high response rate. Plowing through girls. Also the realization of just how many negative frames I have about night game and clubs, and how many self limiting beliefs hold me back. Kane demonstrated this be actively disproving my frames and assumptions. I was reminded of how I need to smile more and actively Kino more, something that I thought I wasn't afraid of doing but actually I was.


Day 2 was a discussion about time bridging and P.I.E. (comfort). Previously in day game, I had mainly done "hail mary" approaches (long shot approaches, just approaching out of no where, saying I think you are cute, getting the wechat and leaving). Of course, these rarely led to solid numbers and dates. I learned that you have to engage them for at least 10 minutes before you really get a solid wechat, as well as go through PIE and qualify her. Qualifying is a huge part of game and I did not do that as solidly as I had believed, as Kane proved that to me by asking me about the perfect girl. Hook question is very important for logistics and takes out the bother of having to worry about who they are with, and what not; you just approach and ask!


Day 2 field work was exhausting. I ran into a lot of my negative assumptions and frames straight on and definitely got pushed out of my comfort zone. But the surprising reality was that I managed to smile more and approach tons of girls! Things I need to work on include engaging the whole group and just relaxing and getting out of my head.


Day 3 was probably at once the most challenging and rewarding day in the bootcamp. We went through deep comfort, including the hero story, sexualizing (something I am horrible at) and so on. I think that if I combine my wit and powers of language with sexual energy and raw charisma, I will be unstoppable in the field. The goal was to do an insta-date, and while I failed at that. I succeeded in finally cold approaching a "10" (chinese 10) who I once thought would be "bitches", as well as totally rampaging a bookstore for 2 hours approaching tons of girls, totally annihilating my negative assumptions and forcing me to think in the moment and get out of my head. This is especially important because the bookstore is probably my go to area, being the nerd that I am. I discovered that I still need to smile more and be more in the moment (I think that will happen with practice), and that I need to tweak my hero story a little bit and become more emotionally involved.


All in all, the main takeaway from the boot camp was the superior frame provided and proved in the field by Kane, as well as realizations about myself and others. I need to let my well of desire power myself into a more comfortable state of sexuality and abundance, as well as being emotionally and physically present with women. I need to think positively about the world; allow my desire and intellect to work together to build a better reality instead of annihilating it through analysis and negative frames. I need to connect my masculine desire with emotional, intellectual intensity and drive, and if I do that, I believe that I will really slay in the field as well becoming a superior man. As for others, I have realized that most people are open to positive masculine energy and will react positively to it. This is because people generally react to authority (for ex the milgram experiments in psychology, telling people to stop, etc), as well as the fact that people enjoy being around positive people and things. Thus, the authority being the masculine energy, combined with a positive attitude is the way to success. Also, people generally a welcome to such an energy because their own lives lack it. The light has been shown to me and I am confidently moving toward it, creating a better self and living a better reality. I am leveling up! A million thanks to Kane!

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