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Seoul Bootcamp May 2017

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The weekend bootcamp was one of the most intense and rewarding experiences of my life. It was physically and mentally demanding, and it required me to push my personal boundaries to their limits and then well beyond. It was an eye-opening experience that made me realize just how much more in control of my own life I can be. Here are some of the things I learned/experienced during boot, in no particular order.


-Firstly, I have to give major props to RedPoleQ. His wealth of knowledge is invaluable. But more than that, he was incredibly motivational to me during the bootcamp. There were some sets that I simply would not have opened unless he was there to push me into them.


-I now know that I can be comfortable cold approaching anyone, because during the bootcamp I was put in numerous situations where I would never have gone before. The biggest one for me was taller girls. Before the bootcamp I had the unshakable belief that girls were not into shorter guys, even if it's only 1cm difference. During the bootcamp, I was able to open and hook numerous sets that were taller than me just the same as girls that were shorter. My mind was BLOWN.


-Originally, I had only wanted to take the bootcamp for learning cold approach during day game. I really only wanted to learn how to approach the girls on the streets, in the subway, in coffee shops, etc. But what I found out was that approaching girls at night requires the same skills, and that it can be really fun to approach in clubs. I've never been keen on clubs, and I remember Octagon as being the most uncomfortable and terrified I've ever been in my adult life. I definitely would not have been able to approach girls in a club without the help of RedPoleQ. I resisted being pushed into sets, and he pushed me harder. It was EXACTLY what I needed. After doing club game Saturday night, day game on the streets of Gangnam seemed super easy and unstressful. Because I could face my fears of approaching in a night club, approaching on the street just felt like a walk in the park.


-I found out that I need to loosen up! On the first night of boot camp I discovered that I was super self-conscious about myself on approach. I would get one tiny bad reaction out of a girl and I would flinch and not know what to do or say. I was especially having a hard time initially with BT Spikes. Every time I opened a set with a BT Spike I just felt ridiculous. I learned that I needed to stop worrying about what other people think and just have fun with it. This became even more apparent when Alumni members joined us. I saw the others guys with huge smiles on their faces just having fun opening sets left and right. When they got blown out of sets it didn't matter to them. They were able to laugh about it and keep on going. This was a HUGE help to me. I realized that if I get embarrassed and cower away after getting blown out of a set I was never going to be successful cold approaching. Lesson learned. Loosen up and have fun with it!


-Plowing. A term I was unfamiliar with until boot camp. Initially I kept ejecting from sets way too early on. The way I saw it, if I didn't get an amazing reaction from opening a set I would toss it into the fail pail and move on to the next set.


-The Alumni guys that came out to support were amazing. One of the highlights of the bootcamp was meeting such supportive and helpful guys. Everyone was giving me advice, showing me examples, and even pushing me into sets when I was reluctant to take action. Amazing support! I can't even imagine going through boot camp without them.


-It was incredible seeing the other guys taking the bootcamp improve over the weekend. We were all failing to hook sets on the first night, and by the last day we were all having lengthy sets on our own.


Overall the bootcamp was an incredible life-changing learning experience. It was just as much about self-improvement as it was about learning the game. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. I look forward to hanging out and improving with all the incredible people in this community in the years to come.


-Tall Order

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Haha awesome handle dude!


Welcome to the crew, and so awesome to hear your mindset changed about tall chicks!


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You crushed it over the boot camp weekend! It was awesome working with you, man. I'm eagerly looking forward to running a two set of 170+cm girls with you one day! That will be AWESOME!

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Great field report bro!


It was awesome seeing you improve over the bootcamp weekend -- total transformation by day 3! You looked like a natural in daygame sets.


Also really good to see you active in the alumni chat and keeping the momentum going by hitting up daygame consistently.


Keep that up, keep asking questions about issues you run into, and you're going to be crushing it!


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